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L33t Box Computers will open for business on 15 January, 2020. Offering both in-home and business on-site services, L33t Box Computers can offer assistance with any computer, network, or server issues. We can work with Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems, as well as many more specific embedded systems. Home automation services are available as well.

L33t Box Comptuers also performs tune-ups of your computer. If necessary, we can also perform a complete clean installation of your operating system, complete with migrating your data to prevent any loss of your files. This does typically take longer, but offers the greatest performance benefit. Options are available for me to bring systems back to my shop as well, for more time-consuming jobs or to reduce impact on your business.

If a new computer is in order, we can custom build one within your budget, that will meet your needs; anything from a simple web-browsing capability to high-performance gaming or video rendering. It will come complete with your operating system of choice. Refurbished business class systems are also available on request.

Call now to make an appointment at (509) 699-5995 or email us at

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